Friday, February 19, 2010

The Third Victim - Lisa Gardner

MY THOUGHTS: Gun violence, school shootings and the ability to manipulate the minds of our nation's youth lay the foundation for this novel by this New York Times bestselling author. "Riveting, hold-your-breath suspense" is what is written on the cover, and I would almost agree. The element of suspense is definitely present, and I must admit, I was quite enthralled. Once getting past the initial shock of a story about a school shooting in the wake of our nation's problems, the story sucked me in and I was hooked.

FROM THE BACK COVER: "An unspeakable act has ripped apart the idyllic town of Bakersville, Oregon, and its once-peaceful residents are demanding quick justice But though a boy has confessed to the horrific crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty. Officer Rainie Conner, leading her first homicide investigation, stands at the center of the controversy. It's hitting too close to home, bringing back her worst nightmares, threatening to expose her secret sins. But with the boy's life at stake, she won't let anything stop her from finding the real killer.

With the help of FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, Rainie comes closer to a deadly truth than she can imagine. Because out there in the shadows a man watches her and plots his next move. He knows her secrets. He kills for sport. He's already brought death to Bakersville and forever shattered the community. But what he has really come for is Rainie - and he won't leave until he has destroyed her...."

EXCERPT: from page 41

"Danny didn't move. His gaze swung wildly from side to side, and Rainie could nearly smell the panic rolling off his skin. He was dressed in black jeans, a black T-shirt, and white running shoes. She couldn't see any more weapons on him, but it was hard to be sure. He came from a house loaded with firearms, and she knew Shep had taken him hunting from the time he could walk."


To read a novel based upon school shootings in the wake of the recent disasters in our grade schools up to our colleges is quite surreal. At first I didn't even want to read the story because of it's nature, but I pressed on and was surprised at the emotions I felt. It wasn't so much sadness that came over me, but a sense of understanding at how the shooters must feel, and the manipulation they must endure in order to commit such wild acts of violence. A good story for a reader with a strong stomach.

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