Friday, February 19, 2010

Cold As Ice - Anne Stuart

MY THOUGHTS: I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys romance novels, especially not when it comes to typical stories of some hunky brute and some careless damsel in distress. I typically would prefer if the novels I read had no love angle at all. However, this story had what I would consider an absolutely brilliant story. It's hard to describe what exactly this novel is about without killing the plot, but I will say that it is a perfect mix of suspense, romance, and thrill. Yes, though I just stated that I hate romance in the novels I read, I absolutely loved the angle the author took with this book.

FROM THE BACK COVER: "The job was supposed to be dead easy - hand-deliver some legal papers to billionaire philanthropist Harry Van Dorn's extravagant yacht, get his signature and be done. But Manhattan lawyer Genevieve Spenser soon realizes she's in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the publicly benevolent playboy has a sick, vicious side. As he tries to make her his plaything for the evening, eager to use and abuse her until he discards her with the rest of his victims, Genevieve must keep her wits if she intends to survive the night.

But there's someone else on the ship who knows the true depths of Van Dorn's evil. Peter Jensen is far more than the unassuming personal assistant he pretends to be - he's a secret operative who will stop at nothing to ensure Harry's deadly Rule of Seven terror campaign dies with him. But Genevieve's presence has thrown a wrench into his plans, and now he must decide whether to risk his mission to keep her alive, or allow her to become collateral damage...."

EXCERPT: from page 85

"He couldn't afford to let her go...she had already seen too much. She was a smart woman - give her time and she could put together far too much information on the Committee. She'd jeopardized the lives of the men and women who risked everything. It was an equation with only one solution, whether he liked it or not.

'I specialize in losing battles,' she said. 'I'm not going to die, and neither is Harry. You, I'm not so sure about.' She rose, stretching with all the intensity of a lazy cat, and smiled at him with utter sweetness. 'In the meantime I think I'll take a shower and change into something more comfortable, and then we can continue our negotiations.'"

MY RATING: 10/10

It's not often that I find a book I really love. This one had the perfect mix of thrill and excitement in order to keep me interested. I just didn't want to put this one down. I even got sucked into the romantic part of the story, which is surprising. Anne Stuart did a brilliant job and for that, she receives my first 10/10.

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