Thursday, February 25, 2010

Killjoy - Julie Garwood

MY THOUGHTS: This one actually was rather suspenseful and intriguing, and the character relationships were astonishing. A great read, through and through.

FROM THE BACK COVER: "Avery Delaney's razor-sharp mind and ability to decipher evidence have made her an expert crime analyst for the FBI. Now she will have to use her skills on a case that hits painfully close to home.

Avery's beloved aunt Carolyn was on her way to a posh spa in the Colorado mountains, but she never arrived. With scant clues and fewer resources, Avery must now track Carolyn down - and outmaneuver a brilliant killer named Monk, who is part of an elaborate plot of madness and lethal vengeance."

EXCERPT: from page 43

"Avery had forgotten much of her childhood, but she remembered that phone call clearly. She had just celebrated Carrie's birthday, a belated event since Avery had been in the hospital on the actual date, and was helping the housekeeper put the vegetables on the table before they all sat down to dinner. Avery had placed the mashed potatoes next to Uncle Tony's plate when Aunt Carrie answered the phone. A funeral director was calling to tell her that Jilly had been cremated in a fiery car crash, but there were enough of her remains left to put in an urn. He wanted to know what Carrie wanted done with the ashes and the personal effects, which included a charred driver's license. Avery was standing in front of the bay window staring out at some frantic hummingbirds when she overheard Carrie tell the man to throw them into the nearest dumpster. She could recall every second of that moment."


As one of the reviews states, "she [Garwood] has mastered the art of creating characters who live and breathe in compelling, page-turning stories." For once, a review that I will one hundred percent agree with. The character development was brilliant. I felt as if I knew each thought of each of the characters, but yet, they could still surprise me.

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  1. I read this one too. I think it deserves better than an 8! I absolutely loved it!